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Diamond Grinding

Corrective Hourly (Bump) Grinding

Department of Transportation (DOT) has adopted and approved this method to improve over all ride quality and to meet  stringent profile specifications. Applications available for both concrete and asphalt pavement used in construction of roadways, runways, and bridges. Commonly performed on isolated portions  of pavement or continuous methods depending on job requirements.This practice is used to avoid possible ride quality penalties, and in some cases contractors may achieve ride quality bonuses. 

Diamond Grinding  (CPR) concrete pavement restoration
Continuous grinding method to extend existing pavement life by restoring ride quality. This process removes all joint curling, slab faulting, rutting, and leaves with new skid resistance surface. This in typically performed with other (CPR) techniques such as slab repair, dowel bar retrofit, and joint resealing. Proven and commonly used cost effective method to extend and improve pavement life and safety.

Diamond Grinding  new pavement.

Continuous grinding method used to optimize ride quality and meet stringent specifications also adds a corduroy skid resistant texture. Proven process to extend pavement life with major safety benefits.


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