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Transverse Bridge Deck Grooving  

Grooving the alternative for tining.Transverse safety bridge deck grooving creates numerous drainage channels to dissipate water quickly. Several states have adopted this process to reduce wheel spray, hydroplaning, and freezing, by optimally increasing traction. Grooving patterns and other specifications may differ from state to state.  Random patterns are commonly used to reduce tire noise.

Runway and Taxiway Grooving
Same general safety principles as in transverse bridge deck grooving. This process has been adopted by FAA.  Grooving pattern typically .250 wide x .250 deep on 1.5 inch center spacing.

Longitudinal Pavement Grooving

Same general safety principals but the grooving pattern is cut longitudinal.  Often performed on larger quantities of highway pavement when surfaces are worn.  More productive and is a cost reducing approach. Diamond grinding is the best alternative.

Other Grooving applications Include

  • Parking Decks and Parking Lots
  • Agricultural -  Common process to increase traction for livestock.
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